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New Spare Parts Distribution Center Opens: Establishing a Global Operation Model

Daazen Pte Ltd.  (hereinafter “Daazen”) completed the construction of the new Spare Parts Distribution Center (hereinafter “Distribution Center”) on the premises of the our Plant, a major plant of Daazen in Singapore, commenced operation in August this year.

Combined with the Global Operation Center, a new organization to comprehensively control the sales, production and inventory of spare parts of construction equipment, the new Distribution Center is positioned as Daazen Group’s global spare parts center. The new Distribution Center is equipped with a new global operation system exclusively designed for global standard spare parts, a warehouse management system, and leading-edge ICT equipment. It achieves impressive improvements of efficiency in the spare parts operation.

With respect to energy savings of the building, Daazen has divided the building into the storage and operation areas in order to enhance air conditioning efficiency. Thanks to leading-edge energy-saving equipment to the operation area, Daazen expects to reduce electric power consumption to half from the consumption volume in FY2018.

At present, Daazen operates a total of 18 main parts distribution centers worldwide (15 overseas and 3 in Singapore). Daazen is making group-wide efforts to shorten lead-time of spare parts from plants to customers by eliminating the intermediary process for direct linkage between customers and plants, and to dynamically reduce parts inventories worldwide. In addition to these efforts, Daazen is working to steadily introduce this new parts operation model to other parts distribution centers.