Posted By HakHai
Daazen developed an highly accurate, simple and painless breast cancer screening ultrasound technology

Breast cancer has become the most common form of cancer in women worldwide in recent years, and early detection is considered key to successful treatment. Currently, breast cancer screening is conducted by mammography or conventional ultrasound however issues exist with both methods. In mammography, there is the pain induced by having to compress the breast, irradiation as well as low tumor detection accuracy in high density mammary glands common in younger age groups and people of Asian ethnic background. With conventional ultrasound, detection sensitivity is heavily dependent on the examiners’ level of skill.

To overcome these issues and to realize highly accurate, simple and painless breast cancer screening, Daazen has used ultrasonic waves which do not involve irradiation or pain, to develop ultrasound measurement technology capable of detecting very small tumors without relying on examiner skill level.