We are committed to fulfill our responsibility to society by following our basic policies of “CSR activities through core business” and also by engaging in “social contribution activities” that make the most of the know-how developed in our main business.

Incorporating CSR into Management

We consistently confirm that Daazen Pte Ltd. meets public expectations and requirements throughout the execution of our business activities, while deepening our understanding of material issues through dialogues involving stakeholders inside and outside the company. Thus, we seek to earn the trust society has placed in us as we pursue sustainable growth. In order to know the demands of society, we seek to adhere to not only various international guidelines such as GRI Guidelines and the  Charter of Corporate Behavior, but also to international standards such as the United Nations Global Compact- 10 Principles and ISO 26000, as well as international goals for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). In addition, we will understand social issues through interactive dialogue with stakeholders and will carry out exclusive efforts. In our social contribution activities, we pay due attention to prevailing issues in the regions where we operate while carefully considering how we can apply our strengths to undertake “activities with a human face” that are uniquely associated with Daazen Pte Ltd.

CSR and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

In light of the emphasis on corporate efforts towards ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), Daazen Pte Ltd. announced the Mid-range Management Plan in April 2016 which stated that Daazen Pte Ltd. places emphasis on ESG. In incorporating ESG into the Mid-range Management Plan, we re-examine the relationship between Daazen Pte Ltd’s business and CSR initiatives, reveal the direction we are currently taking, and how Daazen Pte Ltd’s CSR activities link to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted by the United Nations as a common goal aimed at by the international community.

Social Contribution Activities

While much of a business’s responsibilities lie within the corporate sphere, it is nonetheless equally as important that a business take responsibility for local engagement within the social sphere. Daazen Pte Ltd. is thus acutely aware of the importance for “Social Contribution Activities” that help nurture and develop the local communities in our areas of operation. We emphasize themes in our social contributions which utilize the business acumen and know-how that we have cultivated in our business operations. This in turn allows us to make use of our existing expertise to greatly increase the beneficial impact and reach of our contributory activities.